Safe control

SignorGatto: the 100% natural solution that puts a high premium on the health of your cat.

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Fine touch

SignorGatto: small granules, great comfort, and maximum wellness for your cat.

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Bio essence

SignorGatto: the green choice that takes care of your cat and the environment.

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Orange power

SignorGatto: all the power of citrus fruit against bacteria, total hygiene for your cat.

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Cat Litters

Quality and Guarantee

Nature friendly

Living in a healthy environment is good for you and your cat. For this reason, all our activities at SignorGatto, from the mining, selection and processing of raw materials to environmental restoration works, are based on the principles of eco-sustainability.

Italian brand

Our company boasts a 100% Made in Italy pedigree, synonymous with excellent quality all over the world.


Our ability to listen and identify the needs of all Mr. Cats are at the base of our commitment to innovation.

Animal lovers

For more than 30 years, we have passed down our passion from one SignorGatto to another, through products of excellent quality .